• Explain the process of blood donation, apheresis donation, donation of marrow and organ donation.

  • Curiosities, news.

  • Chat with medical professionals to answer questions.




  • Remember donation appointments and when a donor can donate again (increase number of donations).

  • Specific needs of a particular blood group.

  • Filters based on donor's preferences, location, last donation, etc..

  • Nearby points of donation according to mobile geolocation.



  • Virtual points and medals according to the number of donations.

  • Promote donation and share the experience in social networks.

  • Donate anywhere with a unified donor QR code.

  • Request appointment and fill out questionnaire online to donate.



  • Private and exclusive app for donation centres: send notificacions, make specific calls, manage donation appointments, chat response, etc.

  • The donation team will be able to read the donor QR code and view donation history, overcoming interregional barriers.



  • Don@te is designed to accomplish the highest security and data protection requirements by european and international regulations.





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